Our Management Team


Executive Leadership Team

ACS is managed by the Head of Schools, Mr. Kym Golding, who is the chair of the Senior Leadership Executive (SLE).  

The executive consists of the following members: 


Mr. Kym Golding Head of Schools, Chair ACS SLE
Mr. Marcel Rijken Principal, Temple Christian College
Mr. Shane Hosking Principal, Sunrise Christian School
Mr. Ben Kowald Principal, Sunrise Christian School, Whyalla
Mr. Roger Tumes Principal, Sunrise Bethel Christian School, PNG
Mr. Toshi Umehara Manager Corporate Services, Temple Business Manager
Mr. Mark Nokes Manager Corporate Services, Sunrise Business Manager
Mrs. Debbie Robertson Campus Principal, Sunrise Christian School, Paradise                    
Mr. Lee Avery     Campus Principal, Sunrise Christian School, Marion
Mr. Rod Klimionok Campus Principal, Temple Christian College, Bethany